Gazprom Neft at a glance

Gazprom Neft PJSC Hereinafter referred to as the “company” or “Gazprom Neft”. is a vertically integrated oil company.

Its core activities include exploration, production and sale of oil and gas, refining, and production and distribution of petroleum products.

Gazprom Neft proved liquid hydrocarbon reserves under PRMSPetroleum Resources Management System.  classification are comparable to those of global oil majors.

Our response to the challenges of 2020

By targeting fast responses and leveraging teamwork and new technologies, the company protected the health of its employees and ensured operational continuity while securing the financial stability of its business. The measures taken have enabled us to end 2020 without loss of efficiency.

34% year-on-year Proved hydrocarbon reserves (PRMS)
proved hydrocarbon reserves (PRMS)
flat year-on-year Hydrocarbon production
hydrocarbon production
2.6% year-on-year Refining throughput
refining throughput
4.0% year-on-year Sales of petroleum products
sales of petroleum products

An industry leader in technology

By 2030, thanks to leading-edge technology, Gazprom Neft intends to halve the time to first oil, to speed up the implementation of major oil and gas projects by 40%, and to reduce production management costs by 10%.

Digital technologies in exploration and production

  • Artificial intelligence to analyse geological data and search for new oil deposits

  • Digital twins of oilfields and a digital platform to enhance the effectiveness of seismic surveys

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out remote data analysis

Unique achievements in delivering major projects

  • Prirazlomnoye: the first – and so far the only – oil production project on the Russian Arctic shelf

  • Novy Port: a unique logistics strategy to ensure year-round transportation of Arctic oil

  • Messoyakha: associated petroleum gas reinjection project, now implemented

High-tech oil refining

  • Euro+ combined oil refining unit (CORU)

  • Digital twins of process units and facilities

  • Gazpromneft-Industrial Innovations R&D centre

Smart logistics

  • A pioneering Arctic-specific logistics management system

  • Automated systems for loading and dispatching petroleum products

  • Digital management of the company’s own fleet of fuel trucks, refuellers and bitumen trucks

  • Digital logistics spaces: automated warehouses and unmanned vehicles for freight transport

Digitisation of the distribution system

  • Petroleum-product quality control system deployed throughout the value chain

  • Development of digital services and petroleum product sales services

Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery technologies

  • The Asset of the Future programme

  • Technologies for the production of hard-to-recover oil (Bazhenov Formation, Achimov Formation and oil rims at gas condensate fields)

  • Expertise in operations on the Arctic shelf

Comprehensive innovation management

  • A science and technology cluster comprising 14 innovation centres (St Petersburg)

  • Dedicated research centres and technology parks

  • Active development of import substitution

A company committed to sustainable development

Gazprom Neft is consistently integrating principles of sustainability into its strategy and operations. Our priorities include care for natural ecosystems, safe production, the protection of employee health, and improving the quality of life in the regions where we operate.


  • Strategic priority: Target ZeroZero harm to people, the environment, or property in our operations

  • Development of a safety culture

  • Automation of HSE management processes

Environmental protection

  • Environmental management system

  • Biodiversity conservation programme

  • Greenhouse gas emissions accounting and monitoring

  • Implementation of the Programme on utilisation and more effective use of associated petroleum gas (APG)

Personnel development

  • A single incentive model for employees

  • Partnership with trade unions

  • Training, leadership and career development programmes

Well-being of local communities

  • Home Towns social investment programme

  • Support for the indigenous minorities of the Russian Far North

  • Import substitution and local sourcing programmes

A forward-looking business

The company’s strategy is to become a leader in priority technologies: increasing the oil recovery factor at mature fields, developing multi-phase deposits and low-permeability reservoirs, undertaking cost-effective and safe shelf operations in ice conditions, upgrading oil refining facilities, and developing cutting-edge catalysts.

Gazprom Neft will be able to produce tens of millions of tonnes of incremental volumes and boost refining efficiency by implementing a number of major initiatives, in particular: cutting lifting costs at new production projects in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, developing a range of technologies to unlock unconventional reserves, facilitating the viable deployment of surfactant-polymer (SP) flooding and miscible gas displacement technologies, and building a high-tech catalyst plant.