Strategy in detail: 2020 highlights

Gazprom Neft’s business development efforts in 2020 and its near-term plans are aligned with the long-term development areas and goals set out in the Strategy.

Areas for long-term strategic development

In the downstream sector, the company continues to upgrade its refineries and improve its operational efficiency, while expanding its retail network and making it more efficient.

Increasing the conversion rate and light product yield
Adding value throughout the company’s product slate to ensure the economic viability of refineries and technological flexibility under any market conditions.

Improving efficiency and technological advancement
Optimising resources, cutting costs and transforming processes throughout the value chain to secure market leadership in existing and new markets.

Developing the petrochemical business
Increasing the sustainability of the company’s traditional business by developing petrochemicals.

Developing the marketing and sales business
Maintaining leadership and growing market shares in existing and new markets for Gazprom Neft products.

In the upstream segment, the company continues to develop mature fields. It has grouped a wide range of opportunities for further development into several strategic areas.

Yamal development
Developing the resource base of the Yamal Peninsula and building a gas pipeline connecting the Novoportovskoye field to the Unified Gas Supply System.

Nadym-Pur-Taz region
Developing and monetising uniquely high volumes of liquid hydrocarbon reserves in a region of strategic importance to the company.

Creating a hydrocarbon production cluster on Sakhalin shelf.

APG utilisation
Commissioning gas infrastructure facilities, and increasing APG utilisation volumes.

Unconventional resources
Developing the unconventional reserves of the Bazhenov Formation, Domanic deposits and hard-to-recover reserves of Palaeozoic deposits.

Technological development
Involving currently unviable remaining recoverable reserves into production by developing and implementing new technologies.

New areas for prospecting
Preparing the resource base for production beyond 2025.

“Target Zero: zero harm to people, the environment and property in our operations.”

Maximising the added value of every barrel in any oil market development scenario.

Strategic initiatives


  • improving efficiency in reserves growth;
  • improving efficiency in production growth; and
  • improving efficiency in current production.


  • optimising the product portfolio and improving refinery operational efficiency; and
  • improving efficiency in sales and distribution.

Developing technologies to drive future growth

  • improving the oil recovery factor at mature fields;
  • developing multi-phase deposits and low-permeability reservoirs;
  • operating in the challenging Arctic environment;
  • safe and efficient shelf operations;

  • catalyst production;
  • deployment of processes across the company’s refineries; and
  • import substitution as a tool to drive technology leadership and sustainability.

Improving the speed and quality of decision-making by deploying digital technologies.

Deploying the Etalon operational management system (OMS) to ensure systemic safety and efficiency in day-to-day activities.

Becoming a flexible organisation with a streamlined and agile operating environment.

Developing an ecosystem beyond the company.

Moving from “management and control” to “leadership by engagement” as a new collaboration philosophy.