Company transformation

To implement its 2030 Strategy, Gazprom Neft needs to align its management system with new approaches to operational planning and make it more agile to meet future external challenges. The company is carrying out interrelated transformations in key areas in order to achieve its goals.
Digital transformation
It strives to improve managerial decision quality by extracting additional value from data across the entire chain: from exploration to point of sale.
Operational transformation
This transformation is focused on reliable and safe operation and engages all employees on a culture of continuous improvement to maximise operational efficiency.
Cultural and organisational transformation
This is accomplished by transforming the HR management system from a support function into a continuous development engine. A key factor in attracting the best people and high-potential talent is to offer opportunities for continuous development, both individually and collectively.

These transformations will make Gazprom Neft a more agile organisation: flexible and able to adapt promptly to changes in the external environment. The company gained extensive experience of responding to new challenges in 2020 and intends to use this to improve its management and process support system, including remote operations.

Interrelation between transformations and products: version 2021